Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana


There are three pathways for studying non-western courses/ courses with a strong non-western base at Huntington University. This may be achieved through:

1. Traditional undergraduate campus courses (see below);
2. January-term courses abroad;
3. Off-campus programs

Students can choose to study non-Western History as a minor. To complete the minor in non-Western History students will complete HS125 and 126 (Civilization I & II), 222, 261, and 337; and seven hours from HS 346, 358, 456, BR331, or an appropriate J-term in non-Western History.

Students can choose to study a number of TESOL courses. To complete the State of Indiana ENL Certificate (for Education majors) students will complete TE233, TE234, TE235, MI321/ CO322 and ED395. To complete the TESOL Certificate (for non-Education majors) students will complete TE233, TE234, TE235, MI321/ CO322, and ED396. To complete the TESOL minor (for non-Education majors) students will TE233, TE234, TE235, MI321/ CO322, ED395 and TE336; and four credits from BR331, MI233CO/LA/RS, MI365, MI401, EN455.

Students can also choose to study a number of individual courses with a strong non-western base. These include:

Bible and Religion

BR331 Religions of the World

BR333ORT Eastern Orthodox Christianity

HE111 Elementary Hebrew I

HE121 Elementary Hebrew II

English and Modern Languages

EN331EL Ethnic Literature

EN481 World Masterpieces I

EN482 World Masterpieces II

History and Political Studies

HS222 Historical Method

HS261 The British Empire

HS337 Seminar on Britain and the End of Empire

HS346 Cambodia: Revolution and Genocide

HS358 Raj: The Rise and Fall of British India

HS456 America and Vietnam

Ministry and Missions

MI233RS Regional Studies in Missions

MI321 Intercultural Communication

MI401 Intercultural Learning and Adjustment

Social Work

SW395 Junior Practicum

SW471 Human Behaviour in the Social Environment


SO111 Principles of Sociology

SO141 Cultural Anthropology

SO321 Minority Groups

SO333 Social Welfare Institutions


TE233 Foundations of TESOL

TE234 Instructional Methods: Listening and Speaking

TE235 Instructional Methods: Reading and Writing

TE336 Curriculum Development

TE396 TESOL Practicum