Meet Ben

After high school, Ben Daron had a pretty clear picture of what he wanted to do with his life. The only question was how to get started. “I knew that I had to find a school with a strong film studies program,” Ben explained. “But I didn’t think I wanted to just be another number on a large campus.” Ben looked at several schools before he came for his campus visit at Huntington. After that, it didn’t take him long to make his choice.

"The campus environment blew me away,” said Ben. “Everyone seemed to know everyone else, and there was so much going on.”

Ben was impressed with the film studies program as well. “I honestly didn’t know what to expect as far as what a smaller school could offer as far as film studies. They had the latest filming and editing technology – it was very advanced.”

During his time on campus Ben has discovered that Huntington has a lot more to offer than just a top-quality education. “When I first came here, I thought my personal faith was pretty strong. Since that time, God has shown me that there is always a way for me to grow in my faith, and that He has a plan to use me to share His message with others.”

Love India:  In his own words

Photo by Nate SullivanIndia turned out to be much different than I had expected. When I applied for the trip I thought, “I’m not even sure I even want to go.” But I just knew that God had a purpose for me there. It wasn’t until about two weeks before Christmas break that I understood what this purpose was.

 was praying and asking God “Why, why are you sending me to India?” He revealed to me that He was sending me to find/see the good that is happening in India. He also needed to get me out of my comfort zone so that He could teach me things that I could not learn in Ohio or Indiana. 

On the way to our first visit to the orphanage in Chennai, I started realizing how amazing this experience was going to be. 

Suddenly, it all made sense. I looked at my future plans, awesome plans — spending the summer in Huntington with my best friends, making money, taking classes — and saw it as living a completely selfish life. I feared that I needed to be a super amazing student, living with awesome friends and have money to do what I want to be successful. But this is not the life God calls us to live. I needed to pursue what God was calling me to do. I started to pursue opportunities to create media that will have a lasting impact, to pour my life into kids and to be poured into by others. 

The Documentary Team did a lot on this trip. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to film the story of Home of Love, Invisible Girl, and the HU Team with others. There is so much good going on in India and I have been blessed with an opportunity to share that good with others.