Dave Solloway, Admissions Counselor at Huntington University

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Just a few short years ago, you would likely find Dave buried in heaps of books at the library. You may also have seen him painting in the Theatre Department Scene Shop, organizing events as a Campus Ministry Coordinator, or making it rain during a friendly game of basketball. “Big Dave”, as he was known, tried to dive into every facet of the HU community. 

“If there is one word I could use to describe my time at HU, it would be ‘formative’”, Dave says. “I expected my professors to be experts in their field, but I didn’t expect them to know so much about servant leadership. I expected I would join peers in pursuit of academic success, but I didn’t expect to forge lifetime bonds. I spent 4 years as a student at HU, but the impact it has had on me will last forever.”  

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