David Solloway

Admissions Counselor for Transfer Students

Dave’s main responsibilities revolve around students interested in transferring to Huntington. His role is to make the transferring process a positive experience in order that students may focus on the continuation of their education.

Dave Solloway is a 2010 graduate of HU. Then in the spring of 2011, he joined the HU Admissions Staff. Dave focuses on students who desire to transfer to Huntington in order to continue their education. He assists to make the transfer process an encouraging experience.

Upon graduation, Dave worked in the non-profit sector, eventually finding his way back to HU. He continues to serve in a local youth group where he has been involved since his junior year at the University. When he was a student at HU he acted as a Campus Ministry Coordinator, participated in JMC volunteer opportunities, and served as a Residential Campus Assistant.

Solloway cheers for Chicago sports, pursues delicious food, loves fine arts, and enjoys a good laugh.