Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

indiana beta chapter

The Indiana Beta Chapter of Alpha Chi was founded in 1967. It has been one of the most active chapters in the Mid-West Region V of Alpha Chi and in the national organization.

Among the activities, contributions, and accomplishments of the Indiana Beta Chapter are the following:

  • Our chapter has been recognized as a "Star Chapter" of Alpha Chi every year since 1996, when the award was initiated. This makes us one of only four chapters to do so.
  • At the 2001 Alpha Chi National Convention in Savannah, the Indiana Beta Chapter was named the winner of the 2001 Alpha Chi President's Cup as the Outstanding Chapter nationally of Alpha Chi's some 300+ chapters.
  • Huntington University has been the host chapter for Alpha Chi Region V Conventions in 1978, 1980, 1988 and 2000.
  • Twelve of our students have won National Alpha Chi Scholarship or Fellowship awards: Mr. Jeff Wood (Benedict Graduate Fellowship, 1987), Ms. Christina K. Smith (Benedict Graduate Fellowship, 1989), Mr. Nate Bordeaux (Nolle Scholarship, 1997), Ms. Maria Kurtz (Benedict Graduate Fellowship, 1999), Ms. Kriss Hultman (Nolle Scholarship, 1999), Ms. Rachel Tinon (Nolle Scholarship, 2004), Ms. Beka Nimtz (Nolle Scholarship, 2005), Mr. Nate Wood (Benedict Graduate Fellowship, 2006), Mr. Will Braun (Benedict Graduate Fellowship, 2009), Ms. Christianne Gates (Joseph E. Pryor Doctoral Fellowship 2010), Mr. Luke Brenneman (Nolle Scholarship 2011, and Ms. Sarah Johnson (Benedict Graduate Fellowship 2012).
  • Numerous members of the Indiana Beta chapter have won Region V scholarships and fellowships. The most recent were Ms. Christianne Gates (2008), Ms. Caitlynn Lowe (2009), Mr. Chris Sutton (2009), Mr. Jon Brenneman (2011), Ms. Nicole Schanke (2012), Mr. Anthony Frederick (2012), and Mr. Andrew Wickersham (2013).