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alumni association awards

The Alumni Board is accepting nominations for potential recipients of the Alumnus of the Year Award, Young Alumnus Award, and the Distinguished Alumni Citation. If you are aware of deserving individuals whom you would like to nominate for consideration, please complete the attached form, using additional paper if desired. The Alumni Board will make the final selections based upon the following criteria:

1. The person should be a graduate of Huntington University, or a former student who was forced to transfer to another institution for graduation because he/she was pursuing a program of study not offered by Huntington University.

2. The person should be of high moral character.

3. Maintained an interest in Huntington University that is reflected in his/her support in its broadest sense. (Financial giving alone should not be the major criterion for measuring interest and support.)

4. Has brought honor to Huntington University through significant contributions to his/her profession or other area of service.

Award Descriptions

Young Alumnus Award is designed to recognize alumni 30 years old or younger who has made a significant impact on the world since graduation, rather than just during the past year. This award will not necessarily be made every year, and may not be limited to one alumnus per year.

Alumnus of the Year Award (no specified class year) is designed to recognize some outstanding achievement or recognition, which came to the alumnus during the past year. This award will not necessarily be made every year, and may not be limited to one alumnus per year.

The Distinguished Alumni Citation is designed to recognize distinguished service or achievement over a period of time. One alumnus will be selected each year.

Click here for a list of past recipients.


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