Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Preparing for a ministry in Central America

Missionary, Costa Rica

"Eleven years ago when I graduated from Huntington University with a degree in Bible and Religion, I never thought I would be attending language school in Costa Rica preparing for a ministry in Central America. However, as time wore on and I found myself further and further away from graduation day, I realized that one thing remained constant — my desire to study the Word of God. This was not a desire I created, but that God put in me. Being the good God that He is, He did not merely give me a passion and leave me to the wind. No, God placed me at Huntington University where guidance was added to that passion, knowledge to the desire, and love to my fervor. The Bible and Religion Department at HU was a place where I was free to think, free to study and free to challenge. It was a place of growth not of stifling. It was a place of comfort knowing that our professors loved us more than our education. But most importantly, it was a place where the risen Savior was glorified and where He was the purpose of our education."