Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

art facilities

Studio Art Center drawingThe Department of Visual Arts is housed in the Merillat Centre for the Arts and the Studio Art Center, which includes a 2D and a 3D building. The Merillat facility includes the Graphic Design computer lab, 2D Design, Photography/ Printmaking studio and the Robert E. Wilson Gallery.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The graphic design computer lab includes the latest Macintosh computers, wacom tablets, film and flatbed scanners, digital cameras and printers. Software for design, drawing, web page design, image manipulation, and multimedia work are also available.

The photography/printmaking studio includes a 9 stations fully equipped with a black and white darkroom, light tables, intaglio press, equipment for relief printmaking and silk screening.

The 2D design studio houses 15 lighted drafting tables, storage cabinets and lockers, flat files, critique space, and matt cutter.

Exhibit Work on Campus

The Wilson Gallery is an 1160 sq. ft. exhibition space. The Department of Visual Arts exhibition and educational program of the Wilson Art Gallery presents a diverse range of exhibitions featuring established and emerging regional, national and international artists, as well as work of HU faculty and students.

Studio Art Center spaceThe 3D building (formerly the Art Annex) houses the ceramic/sculpture studio and woodshop. The ceramic area contains, 16 electric potters wheels, slab roller, extruder, pug mill, clay mixer, slip mixer, small and large glaze spray booth, 1 small electric test kiln, 2 large electric kilns, 30 cu. ft. forced air gas kiln, raku kiln, and pit firing area. The sculpture and woodshop areas include soldering irons, arc welder, plaster and stone carving equipment, table saw, chop saw, saber saw, band saw belt and disc sander, grinder, drill press, air compressor, numerous power tools and hand tools.

The 3D building is where the painting, drawing and a photography studios are housed. The painting and drawing areas include, worktables, easels, drawing benches, still life resources, spot lights, critique wall, lockers, flat storage and ventilated spray booth. The photography studio is equipped with studio lighting and backdrop for studio photography.