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Maintaining high ethical and moral standards:

Huntington offers a solid base on which to grow
Dave Tinkey describes benefits of studying business at Huntington University, a Christian college.

"The foundation of skills started at Huntington was grounded in scripture, so my experiences since then have had a solid base on which to grow."

Since his graduation from Huntington University in 1980, Dave Tinkey's star has been steadily on the rise. A certified public accountant, Dave first worked in the Indianapolis office of a regional public accounting firm.

Since 1990, he's been with Bank One in Indiana, a unit of JPMorgan Chase, where he is a finance manager for the commercial banking unit.

Growing up in Warsaw, Ind., Dave looked for a small liberal-arts college where he could receive a broad-based education and not feel "lost in the crowd." Dave’s high-school guidance counselor, who happened to be an Huntington grad, encouraged him to visit the college. Dave did and decided Huntington was the school for him.

"I was looking for a place where I could have the opportunity to interact closely with the professors, and I found it at Huntington University," Dave said. "By the time I left Huntington, I considered Professors Charles Brady and Stan Rotruck and several others to be friends as well as mentors. The people at Huntington lent a Christian perspective to their classes. This set a good direction for me and made me think carefully about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it."

Dave also credits a practicum in Huntington's business office as a key influence. "I was given the opportunity to work with the college’s controller," Dave said, "and the experience really helped me build work skills and life skills."

While Dave is the guy in the suit who works in the big building on Monument Circle in downtown Indy, he’s also a leader at his church and in the community.

Dave had joined the eldership at Traders Point Christian Church in northwest Indianapolis, where over the years he’s made good use of both the business skills he learned at Huntington and the solid examples of Christian witness he observed at the university. He’s headed up several ministry teams at Traders Point and held leadership positions in the areas of missions, evangelism and stewardship.

Early in 2001, Dave was elected to the Huntington Board of Trustees. "I’m confident that the combination of skills, knowledge and insight I’ve acquired, starting at Huntington University, will help me contribute to the board and the college in general," Dave said. "The foundation of skills started at Huntington was grounded in scripture, so my experiences since then have had a solid base on which to grow."

For several years, Dave served on the board of Community Fellowship Ministries, a multi-faceted inner-city outreach program. "We set up a small mailing business in urban Indianapolis," Dave explains, "and we helped people develop workplace skills that they could take elsewhere or, possibly, use to take over the business and run it. We also held a weekly Bible study for kids ages 6 to 12. Looking back, I’d say we definitely made a positive difference in some lives. We planted some seeds, and only God knows what growth may yet come from them."

Dave and his wife Paula also play important roles as mentors for their two sons, Daniel and Spencer. "It’s important to start out on the right track," Dave said, reflecting on his own college days and speculating about what will be asked of him as a father in years to come. "Good mentors can help you formulate your beliefs and solidify your values, but ultimately it’s up to each individual to continue learning and growing. Use the stepping stones God gives you and make the most of the lessons He offers."

In his work and community service, Dave is emblematic of Huntington’s fondest hopes for graduates of its business program, going forth to impact the world for Christ in the complex world of business while maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards.

"At Huntington University, I learned the importance of applying a biblical lens to one’s entire life," Dave said. "That is the foundation of how one should enter each moment of his or her life."

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