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Missionary prepares to embark on unique experience in Spain

Jaime Clore describes the advantages of pursuing a business degree at Huntington University.

“What I really wanted to study was missions, but I realized that business is practical for anything. I’m actually really happy with my decision.”

Jaime Clore first heard his call to the mission field in a Spanish-speaking nation at a young age.

Today, he’s fundraising to work on the ground in Spain.

Now, it may seem odd. Why would Spain, a European nation, need missionaries? But Clore says only one in 200 people there are believers. His goal is to target the youth and start the fire for God at a young age.

“My heart broke for these people, and I just fell in love with them,” he said.
Clore came to Huntington University with missions on his heart but planned to study business. He graduated in 2007 with a business management degree.

“What I really wanted to study was missions, but I realized that business is practical for anything,” he said. “I’m actually really happy with my decision.”
With his liberal arts degree and the faith integration that resonated through all of his courses, Clore knew he was ready to enter the mission field.

“What I really appreciated about Huntington was the intentionality of giving skills which would be used for Kingdom building,” he said. “They equipped good leaders, good ministry workers — whatever the field they were in, and I really appreciated that.”

Clore works with SEND International, an interdenominational faith mission agency that assists more than 600 missionaries in Asia, Europe and North America. He plans to spend five years collaborating with a church-planting team and the youth in Spain. He is in the midst of fundraising for his trip and is about 75 percent complete. SEND requires appointed missionaries to have 100 percent of the needed funds raised before traveling to their next field of work.

“Spain is an expensive field,” he said.
Clore discovered his passion for missions at a young age with short trips overseas, but found his encouragement to enter the field from his grandfather, Bernard Hull, a former HU Board of Trustees member who passed away in 2011.
Clore recalled a day before he even considered working in Spain when his grandfather stood up at the Huntington commencement and said, “My grandson, Jaime, is called to missions. He is going to be a missionary someday.”

“My grandfather loved God. He is my hero, my example for how I want to live my life,” he said.

With his grandfather’s memory and support in his heart, Clore hopes to leave within the next year to begin work as a missionary. He asks for prayer as he ventures out, but also encourages others to remember to always serve God in everything they do.

“Everyone should be invested somehow in the Kingdom work,” he said. “Anything less than a global vision is not a God vision.”

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