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journals & evaluations

During Your Experience

Daily Journals

One way to translate an experience into knowledge is to keep track of the experience on a daily basis. A journal, consisting of thoughts, feelings, and impressions kept on a daily basis can provide meaningful information about how the experience is going and if the experience is meeting the original goals set forth. This journal should be kept somewhat brief, but should include items such as the number of hours worked, the date, what activities were done that day, and what lessons were learned. Remember, you are responsible for tracking your hours to make sure you meet the appropriate hour requirement for your experience.

Download sample time log (pdf).

At the End of Your Experience

Coursework Requirements

In order for your supervising professor to grant academic credit for this experience, you will need to turn in satisfactory work to him/her as outlined in your contract. Potential coursework requirements include: reports, reflection papers, daily or weekly logs, oral debriefing, etc.


You and your supervisor will be asked to complete an evaluation about your experience in regards to the quality of your work and work habits, how the internship met the goals originally put forth, and overall impressions of the experience, etc. These forms are valuable in that they are not just your insights, but the insights of your supervisor as well. This provides a much more rounded form of feedback, enabling you to learn more from the experience. It also allows the ERC to explore the possibility of working with this organization in the future.

Thank You Note

To show your appreciation for the opportunity afforded you, we strongly suggest you send your supervisor a thank you card.