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Ministry and Rock Band

Alum tours country as a member of Attaboy
Jeff Edgel Amber Cotherman describes advantages of an Huntington University degree.

“From a musical standpoint, we try to create songs with intentionality and purpose.”

Jeff Edgel ministers with his heart and his talent in the Christian band Attaboy.

Originally formed from the talents of Huntington University alumni and one Huntington native, the band tours the country spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through their music.

“From a musical standpoint, we try to create songs with intentionality and purpose,” said Edgel, who plays guitar and piano for the band as well as doing vocals. “When we hear stories about how a certain song has made an impact on someone’s life, it is humbling and a blessing to know that God chose to work through our music.”

Today, Attaboy is comprised of Edgel and Matt Siewert (2010 HU alum). Five years of hard work have reaped more than 700 performances, four CD releases and two successful radio campaigns, all without the help of a major label. Their song “Wait On You” spent nine weeks on Billboard’s Christian CHR Top 30 chart, followed by their single “Unshaken,” which spent 13 weeks on the Top 30. Most importantly, however, the band has spent five years reaching the masses with the Word of God.

Edgel graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. He is a founding member of Attaboy and strives each day to make it a success. One of his bandmates calls him a “businessman trapped in a musician’s body” because he is the organizer who keeps the band going.

While on tour, Attaboy works hard to promote Huntington University by sharing their own stories to encourage students to attend HU. Many students have come to HU because they first heard about the university from Attaboy.

“Our goal has always been to actively represent Christ through intentional interactions with our audiences off the stage,” Edgel said. “While our interactions with people may be brief in nature, we believe that going the extra mile to represent Christ in any way is what we are called to do off the stage.”

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