Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

financial details for 2014-2015

Undergraduate Tuition Categories 

Overload Tuition per Credit Hour (above 17 hrs) $720
Summer 2014 Tuition per Credit Hour $348
Summer 2014 Internship/Practicum per Credit Hour $165
Summer 2015 Tuition per Credit Hour $358
Summer 2015 Internship/Practicum per Credit Hour $170
Part-time Semester Tuition per Hour (6-11.5 hrs) $720
J-Term Tuition Fee for 1 and 2 Credit Hour Courses (if enrolled full-time for fall or spring term) none
J-Term Tuition Fee per Credit Hour (above 2 hrs and if enrolled full-time for fall or spring term) $358
January Term per Credit Hour (if not enrolled full-time for fall or spring term) $407
Special P-T Semester Tuition per Credit Hour (up to 5.5 hrs) $408
Audit Charge per Hour $320
Tutorial Charge per Hour (plus tuition) $320
Visitor Charge per Course (no record) $215
Professional Programs  
Tuition per Credit Hour $358

Special Undergraduate Tuition Categories

HU LIFE Alumnus  Tuition per Credit Hour (3 years out with
lifetime max of 30 hours; Online Courses Excluded)
Early Entry HS Student Tuition per Hour (max 6 hrs/term - 24 hrs total) $85
Senior Adult Tuition per Hour (>60 with max
6 hours/term Fall and Spring only with lifetime max of 18 credit hours.)

Graduate Level Tuition and Fees

MA Youth Ministry Leadership Tuition per Credit Hour $387
MEd Education Tuition per Credit Hour $407
MA Counseling Tuition per Credit Hour $480
Doctorate in Occupational Therapy per Credit Hour $850
Tutorial per Credit Hour (plus tuition) $320
Audit Charge per Credit Hour $320

Room and Board

Total Charge for Semester in Residence Halls $4,153

Board fee provides 20 meals per week according to the residence hall schedule, including both semesters and January Term, but vacation meals not included. An alternate meal plan is available.  For details, please contact the Student Development office.

Residence hall rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, desks, dressers, chairs, mirrors, wastebaskets, and blinds.

January Term Room and Board Fee $1,026

Charged only to those not enrolled full-time for fall or spring semester..

Student Activity Fees

Full-time Activities Fee per Semester $248

General student activities fee for Student Senate and Class Dues, Huntingtonian and Mnemosyne, Activities Board, Artist Series, Recreation Complex and General health clinic fee for campus health services.

Special Student Fees

Application Fee (Traditional Undergraduate) $20  

One-time nonrefundable fee which must accompany application for admission.  Fee is waived if student applies and visits campus prior to December 1st of senior year.

Application Fee (Professional Programs) $20
Application Fee (Graduate Programs) $30

General Student Deposit (Traditional Undergraduate)  $150

Receipt of the advance deposit in US funds represents the student’s acceptance of admission and is not refundable to new students after June 30. All full-time undergraduate students are required to have a comprehensive deposit on account for the duration of the student’s enrollment. The deposit is refundable when the student leaves the University following initial matriculation. Unpaid charges at the time of a refund may be deducted from this deposit.

Graduation Fee (All Programs) $100
Laboratory Fees per Course $20 - 425
Nursing Laboratory Fee per Clinical Course $225
Online Course Fee $150
Parking Fee (Traditional Undergraduates) per Academic Year $50
Laundry Fee (all students with room charge, per semester) $40
Private Music Lesson Fee $280
        Twelve half-hour lessons per semester. Fee includes availability of practice room as needed. Lesson fee is in addition to regular tuition. 
Technology Fee per Academic Year $300

PRIME Experience Fee $380 

Student Teaching Fee (fourteen weeks) $380

Personal Property and Liability

Students who need personal bank accounts are encouraged to use one of the local banks for checking and savings. The University is not responsible for the loss of personal property on the campus by fire or from any other cause. Students are advised to verify insurance coverage that may be extended from parents’ homeowners insurance. Students are responsible for all University property, materials, and equipment issued to them and will be charged for loss or breakage.

Student Health Insurance 

All full-time students must show evidence of health insurance coverage (under parents’ coverage or self) or the student will be enrolled in an accident and sickness insurance plan and billed at the student’s expense. 

Payment of Student Accounts

Students may make advance payments to the University on their accounts for the coming year from their earnings during the spring and summer months. Funds are held in trust until classes begin and may be withdrawn or transferred by the student.

In June and in December, an official billing is sent to each student for the subsequent semester. Billed expenses are due by August 10 for the Fall semester; January 10 for the Spring semester and 'due upon receipt' of the billing statement for the summer semester and for January Term. Students are not allowed to begin the semester unless full payment has been received.

Full-time students may make prior arrangements for installment payments through Tuition Management Systems, Inc. (TMS Plan) Students should join the TMS Plan by July so that initial required payments have been made. The TMS Plan enables the student to pay the Net Amount Due in ten monthly installments (July through April). (Except for a small application fee, there are no monthly interest charges.) The Net Amount Due represents the total annual charges, less any scholarships, grants, or loans confirmed by the financial aid office but not including estimated awards or anticipated earnings, such as work-study employment which cannot be considered until they are earned or finalized. The budgeted amount elected under TMS should be sufficient to cover both fall and spring semesters. The TMS Plan is available only to those who are U.S. residents and full-time students. Alternatively, the student may choose to arrange private financing for educational expenses through one of several private lenders. The financial aid office is able to provide information about such lenders.

Clearance To Attend Class

Students whose bills have been paid or who have made appropriate financial arrangements in advance may view and print their registration by using the website

Until all financial obligations are met, registration is not complete and students are not permitted to view their registration on the website. Students who are not CLEARED in advance will be permitted to attend classes the first day only.

Unpaid Student Accounts

Students who are delinquent in the settlement of any of their accounts with the University forfeit University privileges, including class attendance, board, and room. Students whose accounts are not paid in full or otherwise provided for are not issued official transcripts or permitted to register for a new semester. Diplomas are not issued and no official transcripts of credit will be issued until all financial obligations have been cleared.

A service charge of 1.5% or $30, whichever is greater, is added to any unpaid balance in the student account as of the last working day of each month.

Refund Policies

Students who officially withdraw from Huntington or who reduce their course credit load (which reduces the tuition to be charged) may be entitled to a refund on the tuition paid for courses dropped, according to the schedule shown below. Before the official beginning of classes, full tuition is refunded. For withdrawal after the beginning of classes, the date for any refund is the official date of withdrawal based on whether that official date falls within the specified week or day below.

Semester January Summer Tuition Refund

First Week* First Day First Class Day 90%

Second Week Second Day Second Class Day 80%

Third Week Third Day Third Class Day 60%

Fourth Week Fourth Day Fourth Class Day 40%

Fifth Week Fifth Day Fifth Class Day 20%

After these weeks or days None

* including at least second class session in a regular semester

No refund of activity fees, lab fees, or other fees is made after the first week of classes. Students who have been dismissed may not appeal for refund of tuition. Students who are called to active military duty and withdraw from classes at any point in the term will receive a refund of 100% of tuition and fees. Room and board refunds are calculated as described below.

Room refund follows the same schedule and policies above.

Board refund is provided at 90% of the unused full weeks remaining in the term.

Students considering reducing their status from full time to part time (less than 12 hours) should discuss those plans with the financial aid office since most financial assistance is available only to full-time students. If a student withdraws or is dismissed, scholarships and grants are prorated to the tuition charged. University scholarships and grants may be recomputed and the student charged for the unpaid cost.

Students receiving Federal Title IV Student Financial Assistance may be entitled to a refund in accordance with the Federal Refund Policy or the Federal Statutory Pro Rata Refund Policy. All refund distributions will be made according to Federal laws and regulations. Students with questions regarding these policies should contact the Office of Financial Aid.