Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

program outline

Each course within the Youth Ministry Leadership program is designed for busy adults to complete over 10 weeks of online-supported learning.  Some are aggressive reading courses with flexible online coaching to help students write a major integration paper. No travel is expected or required for these.  Other courses have optional, but popular 1-day face to face workshops tucked into the first half of the 10 weeks. Travel is encouraged but not required.  And there are some courses are launched online and anchored in two-and-a-half day of intense, meaningful class time. Travel is required to convenient locations around the country, and graduates universally agree that these face-to-face times are what make the Youth Ministry Leadership program a fulfilling growth experience. Click here for a  program schedule.

The program consists of twelve 3-hour courses, a 2-hour mentoring experience and a 4-hour culmination research project (split over two Quarters) sponsored by one of the faculty. In sum, this degree is 42 credit hours and can be completed in little as 21 months. View the program schedule.

There is a required program core of 15 hours. Beyond that, students must select at least two classes from each of the three curricular content areas to guide their coursework until they fulfill the 42 credit hour requirement.

Program Core – 6 Hours

YL 500 Mentoring Experience for Youth Ministry Leadership
YL 650 Culmination Research Project for Youth Ministry Leadership I
YL 651 Culmination Research Project for Youth Ministry Leadership II 

Professional Leadership & Expertise within Youth Ministry – 9 Hours

YL 525* Qualitative Research in Youth Ministry
YL 527 Communication Strategies for Youth Ministry Leadership
YL 535* Assessment Strategies in Youth Ministry
YL 540 Commission Care for Youth Ministry
YL 545 Collaboration Strategies for Youth Ministry
YM 557 Student Leadership in Youth Ministry

Theological Faithfulness – 9 Hours

YL 507* Thinking Theologically in Youth Ministry
YL 510 Leadership Movements in Youth Ministry
YL 515 Theology of Discipleship Evangelism
YL 517 Christological Foundations for Youth Ministry
YL 520 Theology of the Church for Youth Ministry

Adolescent Specialization – 9 Hours

YL 550 Cultural Influences on Youth Ministry
YL 555 Urban Social Context and Youth Ministry
YL 557 Ministry to At-Risk Youth
YL 565 Issues in Adolescent Development
YL 570 Counseling for Youth and Family Ministry
YM 527 Sociology of Adolescence

Elective courses from any specialization - 9 Hours

* Required Courses