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Executive Coaching Credential in Townsend Leadership Model

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Program Overview

If you enjoy helping people, teams and organizations, consider an Executive Coaching Credential at the Townsend Institute. Executive coaching has become a respected and high-demand profession. Fortune 100 companies regularly hire coaches to develop their executives, improve their teams, add creativity and solve problems. Coaches are also an extremely popular commodity for individuals as well. People hire coaches to establish and reach their visions and goals, gain confidence, develop their careers and improve their personal lives.

The program curricula are based on Dr. Townsend’s character-based model discussed in his many books, writings and teachings. The executive coaching student will be educated in several other key arenas of information, including scriptural teachings, coaching theory and research, and neuroscience. A primary focus of Dr. Townsend’s model is helping coaches learn to facilitate transformational relationships which help people grow, know themselves and others at healthy levels, and achieve their potential in life and career. The program will be highly targeted to be practical and skilled-based, allowing the coach to become a practitioner through both theory and technique.

Sample of Typical Course Sequence: Graduate and Undergraduate Certificates in Counseling and Organizational Leadership (PDF)