Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Cutting-Edge Delivery for Ease of Access

The Townsend Institute is committed to make these programs accessible to everyone. We will continue to add to our delivery systems as new technology becomes available. We believe the most powerful learning occurs face-to-face. The Institute encourages students to strongly consider the residential setting.


Students may take classes in a residential setting at the Huntington main campus or on the Fort Wayne campus. Most classes meet once a week in the afternoon or evening for 14 weeks. Dr. John Townsend will regularly meet face-to-face and via live streaming with students in the residential program.

Plans for Distance Learning Underway

Students who find moving to northeast Indiana difficult may opt to participate in courses delivered online. Online students will have access to pre-recorded instruction by Dr. John Townsend. Each online course will be facilitated by a qualified faculty member and will involve weekly readings, discussion boards and written assignments to complete.

Courses that focus on counseling skills (Theory and Techniques of Counseling, Knowledge and Skills of Mental Health Counseling, Psychopathology, Personality and Diagnosis, Practicum, and Internship) will require face-to-face interaction that is necessary for skill and character development.

Options like “live classroom” where students log in at a predetermined time along with other students for a four-hour time period, week-long intensive meetings and clinical contacts are being developed to enrich distance learning.

How Distance Learners will Complete Other Program Requirements

The completion of Process Group courses require in person face-to-face interaction. MA in Counseling students will complete two Process Group courses. The Institute will arrange for one-week intensive Process group courses during the summer on the Huntington campus. Online MA in Counseling students also will complete 40 hours of individual therapy with an approved therapist in their area. In addition, MA in Counseling students will complete practicum and internship experiences with direct client counseling contact. Each state has licensing and placement regulations related to therapy practice, internship placements and mental health licensing. Students should become familiar with regulations in their state of residence.

Sample of Typical Course Sequences

Master's in Counseling (PDF)

Master's in Organizational Leadership (PDF)

Graduate and Undergraduate Certificates in Counseling and Organizational Leadership (PDF)