Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (under development)

Leadership is the #1 factor in an organization’s success or failure.  The leader who is equipped and ready with the right tools can help the organization win, and perform at scalable levels.  Dr. Townsend’s competence-plus-character model of training provides those skills and more, and delivers quality, affordability, and pracFortical tools.      

For an organization to perform at high levels, leaders have to understand the strategic and process elements:  mission, vision, core values, strategic thinking and operations.  At the same time, they must know how to navigate relationships, teams, culture, messaging, buy in, and even understand themselves as a person. Organizations flourish when their leaders are high-clarity and high-touch.  And we will teach you both skill sets.     

Our Organizational Leadership training model is based on several foundations:  scriptural teachings, performance and business research and neuroscience. You will understand the theory and the practical aspects of how to connect with, and get the best from people.  And you’ll learn the breakthrough power of relationship, real relationship, which is one of the ultimate sources of all motivation. 

To become a high performing leader at the top of your game, your #1 tool for success will always be yourself.  Organizations flourish when their leaders are the best they can be, both professionally and personally.  Your training at the Institute will provide you with not only solid performance tools, but also with a path to personal growth.  This is a unique value-add in the world of academic leadership development.  One key element is the Personal Development Process Group course (3 credit hours) which is a 3 day intensive leadership training experience. Just before you begin classwork in the fall, you will engage on the Huntington campus or in Indianapolis with your fellow students and highly trained faculty in this process, to help launch your skills and growth.  You will receive both lecture content and skills experience within the context of a process group.  It is a high-impact, research-driven and biblically based experience that will prepare you for the rest of the program.  This 3 day intensive culminates with the Institute’s launch day comprised of sessions with Dr Townsend and meeting the rest of the students and faculty at the Institute.    

In addition, students will be involved at least 10 hours of personal counseling or leadership coaching during their time in the program. 

The classroom experience at the Townsend Institute is innovative, unique and highly effective.  It will involve not only lecture and content delivery, but also will engage you in the experiential delivery of concepts and skills that will make you a better leader for life.   There will be different “experientials” you will participate in: live role plays and enactments; videos of master therapists doing counseling sessions; movie and media vignettes which demonstrate concepts; and personal application for your skills as a therapist. This will help you learn how to:

  •  Align the strategy with the mission
  •  Develop systems and operations that work
  • Drive teams that are positive and effective
  • Create clarity
  • Construct a healthy culture
  • Inspire and message others
  •  Engage in problem-solving conversations that are productive
  • And much, much more!

Dr. John Townsend’s Involvement in Your Personal and Professional Growth

One day a month in the Fall and Spring Semesters, Dr. John Townsend will personally teach and demonstrate the different modules of his competency-plus-character growth model. He will lead two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon.  Students will have time to interact with Dr. Townsend during these sessions, at the luncheon and the coffee time at the end of the day. 

Nationally known speakers will join Dr. Townsend on those days via skype or in person to share their latest research, principles and practical skills.  They are part of the Institute Fellows with whom the Institute has partnered with in providing a cutting edge learning environment.

Students will complete assigned reading and competency-plus-character homework for each of these modules to intensify the learning outcomes. This all-day experience creates a strong sense of community that deepens the personal growth and learning.  

Students will create a personal development plan during their time in the program. Dr. Townsend and the faculty will review the plan, and make suggestions on ways to accelerate the growth process.  

How Distance Learners will Complete Other Program Requirements 

The completion of the Personal Development Skills Process Group course requires in person face-to-face interaction. The Institute will arrange for this course to be taken as a 3 day intensive on the Huntington Campus or in Indianapolis.  It will meet the week before classes (August 25th through the 27th, 2015 - Tuesday through Thursday, 8am – 5pm).  The course also includes the opening orientation the next day, August 28th (8am – 5pm) when all the Institute’s students and faculty gather as Dr. Townsend kicks off the year. 

Online students also will complete 10 hours of professional coaching with an approved coach in their area. 


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