Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Leadership Training Courses

Program Overview and List of Topics

Many leaders want to further their skills and understanding of Dr. Townsend’s teaching in the area of leadership but are not interested in the 1-year or 2-year Master’s programs or the certificate programs. They are looking for a particular leadership concept or skill that will help them in their current job. Many companies and organizations will use these courses for their leadership development program.

Dr. Townsend addresses 36 topics in his training of top-level business executives. These topics are now offered as one-hour academic courses that can be taken online for a 4-week period with other students and are facilitated by capable instructors. Participants will earn one hour of academic credit upon successful completion of each topics course.

The following is a list of the various leadership training courses:

  • A New Paradigm: Character Based Leadership
  • Fuel of Leadership: Need Based Attachments
  • Connecting Others to Your Leadership: Attunement
  • Growing your Marriage as a Leader
  • Protecting Your Leadership: Boundaries
  • Refueling Your Leadership: Creating and Maintaining Energy
  • Managing Your Emotions, Then Leading with Them
  • Finding Your Sweet Spot: Strength Based Leadership
  • The Failing Leader: Perfectionism, Grief and Loss
  • Finding Your Voice in Leadership: The Role of Authority
  • The Future in the Present: Your Action Plan for Life and Ministry
  • The Hard Way is the Right Way 
  • Your 19 Relational Needs and How to Meet Them
  • The Power of Culture: How Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
  • Accelerating Leadership: Confrontation While Maintaining the Relationship
  • Having Internal Structure and Focus for the Task
  • Drivers of Performance
  • Developing and Using "Swagger"
  • Overcoming Guilt
  • Power: Developing and Using it for Success
  • Passion: If It's Not There, You Need It
  • Finding and Developing Your Rock Stars 
  • Enemies and Idiots: How to Manage Difficult People
  • Landmines: The 7 Critical Ones
  • The Eye of the Storm: Leadership Presence
  • Conquering Fear
  • The Performance Accelerator: Organizational Health
  • The Rocky Syndrome: Breaking Through Obstacles
  • Sexuality and the Leader
  • The ROI of Forgiveness as a Leader
  • Being a Team Leader Who Gets Cohesion and Results
  • To Infinity and Beyond: Planning for Your Legacy