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Personal Training

Grad’s personal training job preparing her physically and spiritually
Molly Grollimund on the advantages of an exercise science degree at Huntington University, a Christian college

“Huntington gives you the opportunity to connect with all types of people and build relationships and that’s basically my job."

Need to shed those last 10 pounds? Molly can do that. Need to bulk up for Army training? Molly can do that too. Need someone can do it with a personal and professional touch? Then Molly’s your girl.

Molly (Shirey) Grollimund graduated from HU in 2011 with a degree in applied exercise science. Following graduation, she ran a marathon, got married, studied up for her certification exams and settled down into a career doing what she loves — helping others.

“I get to train people one on one, all ages, all abilities,” said Grollimund, who is a personal trainer at Life Time Fitness in Indianapolis. “It’s really fun, and it’s definitely more fun the deeper you get into the job.”

For Grollimund, her job is commission based so each day is a balance between training sessions with individuals and a search for new clients.

“Be prepared to have your self-worth tested,” she said. “One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned since I’ve gotten a job is your self-worth does not come from your paycheck.”

She explained that, in her case, dependence on the number of clients she earned was the biggest struggle to being a personal trainer. But through prayer and a reliance on God, she overcame her fears and now manages eight clients over the course of her day.

“God has been awesome,” she said.

Coming out of HU, becoming a personal trainer was a natural transition for her. During her senior year, Grollimund, like all other exercise science majors, managed two on-campus clients. That experience provided her with a template for her career today.

“That’s really the best thing that we had,” she said. “Huntington gives you the opportunity to connect with all types of people and build relationships and that’s basically my job. It’s that reassurance to say, ‘I’m going to take care of you. You can trust me.’”

While Grollimund has set her sights on jobs beyond being a personal trainer (possibly a mortician or a female auctioneer), she knows wherever she goes she will be ready.

“The best part about the exercise science program is the incredible way in which the professors allow us to take responsibility,” she said. “We are taught and equipped, but then expected to go out on our own and challenge ourselves as we put the knowledge to use.”

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