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Master of Education in TESOL Education

The TESOL track is designed for teachers of English to speakers of other languages. The Master of Education in TESOL education program requires the completion of 32 semester hours, including TE 533, TE 534, TE 535, CO 522, ED 599, ED 651 or ED 653, ED 652, ED 654, and ED 655.  Coursework prior to research for the TESOL track can be completed in as little as 15 months.

ED 599 must be completed and the candidate must be admitted to the program before registering for ED 655. ED 655 will typically be a continuous enrollment course over two to three semesters.
  • TE 533: Foundations of TESOL
  • TE 534: Instructional Methods for TESOL: Listening and Speaking
  • TE 535: Instructional Methods for TESOL: Reading and Writing
  • CO 522: Intercultural Communication
  • ED 599: Action Research Methods
  • ED 651: Current Issues in TESOL Education or ED 653: Critical Readings in TESOL Education
  • ED 652: Theory and Pedagogy in TESOL Instruction
  • ED 654: Curriculum Design and Content Standards in TESOL Education
  • ED 655: Field-based Research Project in TESOL Education
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