Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Is HUTC going down the drain?!? 

Urinetown The Musical, Huntington University Theatre CompanyWell, no, not quite... Here is a short interview with Director Jay Duffer:

Question: Why is Huntington University doing a musical called Urinetown?!?!

Well, besides the fact that we are just bursting to do this wonderfully clever show, the real answer to this question lies more in the reason as to why we do theatre in the first place. On occasion, there can be some confusion from our audiences concerning the nature of theatre as an art form and its place and function within a Christian academic setting. Traditionally, one of the main purposes of theatre is to present a valid and artistic representation of truth, both in performance and in text. In tragedy, a truth might refer to the fall of man or isolate man’s sinful nature, revealing the ramifications of such self-serving choices. In comedy, such as in Urinetown, truth might humorously romanticize life and reveal society’s foibles or even ridicule man’s shortfalls apart from the wholeness of God. Whether the message of a play or musical is overtly Christian is irrelevant to its artistic impact. High quality scripts with validity, relevance and the proper vehicle for its content will inherently present a truth that represents humanity within a moral context. As a Christ-centered academic program, we in the theatre department are then bound to present stories whose main themes revolve around a moral center that lines up with our Christian beliefs. Urinetown meets these criteria. The themes of the show ultimately teach moral lessons that maintain academic, aesthetic and biblical integrity.

Question: So, what’s up with the title?

Ok, the title is meant to grab your attention. But it is absolutely appropriate. The title captures the spirit of the show. It is satire at its finest with a great sense of whimsical humor. So don’t be flushed with embarrassment to tell your friends about the show.

Sure, you can even expect a little harmless “potty humor” from time to time during the course of the show. But none of this humor is so over the top that it crosses into the indulgent or gratuitous. It is used cleverly and supports the script to a “p”.

Question: Could the humor be removed from the script and have the same impact?

No. Then the story would lose its validity—more importantly, its artistic center. This may not be your cup of tea-tea (sorry couldn’t resist), but please know, the purpose of our program is not to batter public sensibilities. It is inevitable that our artistic parameters might not line up with some of our audience members. That’s ok, for we believe everyone can find something to enjoy and admire in this off-beat and clever musical.

Question: Can I bring my children to the show?

The show is rated PG for its content. So, it is up to the parent’s discretion. We believe that the plot and humor might be too complex for small children to enjoy.

Question: This show really doesn’t seem like typical musical comedy fare. Is it?

Yes and No. The show’s content is different and that is exactly another reason we are doing it. Sure it might stretch beyond one’s personal taste for a show if they are expecting the style and story of Oklahoma! but it still offers all the wonderful qualities of a classic musical comedy – romance, vivid characters, great music, dancing and it is loaded with laughs.

But we are leaking too much information already. Come see the show! We know you will leave fully entertained!

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