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Internship prepares student well for future career

Williams leads worship at Marion church
Wesley Williams describes advantages of music degree program at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“Relationships are everything. It’s about getting to know the people.”

Even in high school, Wes Williams knew he wanted to work in a church. Wes even made the decision to enroll at HU because of the option to study church music.

After serving an internship at College Park United Brethren Church working alongside the worship pastor, Wes felt prepared for his current position as the Associate Pastor at First Christian Church in Marion, Ind.

“My internship taught me what goes on behind-the-scenes to prepare for every Sunday morning service,” Wes said.

Wes, a 2010 music graduate from South Whitley, Ind., focuses on blending all styles of church music for the enhancement of the worship experience at his church. He also works on creating an atmosphere and experiences for youth and young adults that will help to nurture their relationship with God. Wes meets with the church praise team and plans which songs could be played in each worship service and tosses around ideas on how to keep the worship music fresh and different each week.

“I want to bring some new styles into the worship service,” Wes said. “I revived the church’s handbell choir for the Easter service this past year.”

When Wes takes a break from contemplating which worship songs should be played in the upcoming week’s service, he focuses on getting to know the youth in his church and making the youth ministry program stronger.

“I’m trying to meet the youth where they are at,” he said. “Relationships are everything. It’s about getting to know the people.”

Wes gives credit to HU for preparing him for his current position. He enjoyed investing in the relationships he had with his professors and particularly his time in choir rehearsals with Dr. George Killian and his wife, adjunct professor Joni Killian.

“Because I got to know them, I can call my professors up and ask them a question and seek advice,” Wes said. “The professors are a vast resource pool.”

The Killians appointed Wes as the choral assistant during his time in choir. Serving in that role taught Wes how to lead a group of people, a skill which he now uses at First Christian Church.

“For any student interested in HU, let God lead,” Wes said. “He will take you through the things he needs you to go through in order to become the person he wants you to be. There are experiences he wants you to go through. Don’t be afraid to follow the movement of God upon your heart. It is within that movement that you will discover newness in life.”

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