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Alumna was born to teach

Yarger finds music job upon graduation
Jennifer Yarger describes advantages of music education degree program at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“The practicums in the education department helped me get over my nerves of teaching. My teacher said I was made for this.”

Every day, Mrs. Yarger’s fourth and fifth graders come into class ready to compose music. One student runs up to the Smart Board and begins playing around with the music notes. Mrs. Yarger smiles as she watches her students develop a new appreciation for music.

Music has always been a part of Jennifer Yarger’s life, so it was clear to her when the time came for her to pick a major for college. She felt inspired by her former music teachers in elementary and secondary schools and decided to teach music herself.

After perusing the Indiana Department of Education’s website searching for openings, Jennifer found two possible opportunities to teach music in the Fort Wayne area following graduation. She decided to take the music teacher position at W.C. Mills Elementary School in Wabash, Ind., when she learned she would teach fourth and fifth graders.

"Not only was I lucky to get a job, but I feel even more blessed that Wabash is where God called me too,” she said. “What a blessing!"

Jennifer, a 2007 music education graduate, considers herself responsible to help her students appreciate music. She teaches her students about different instruments and different concepts in music. She also directs the school choir and plans an end-of-the-year music concert every spring.

Aside from her responsibilities at the school, Jennifer also serves as the co-coordinator for “Circle the State with Song,” a program offered to students and music educators through the Indiana Music Educators Association. As co-coordinator, Jennifer oversees students selected from Huntington, Columbia City, Wabash and other surrounding cities and teaches them the music for the upcoming year’s festival.

Jennifer enjoys watching her students succeed and encourages them to make goals for themselves.

“I talk to my kids about college all the time and what you have to do to succeed in life,” she said.

Jennifer never would have been able to make a difference in her students’ lives had it not been for the encouragement and support she received from the music department faculty at Huntington.

“I had never done much concerning children and teaching music before,” she said. “The practicums in the education department helped me get over my nerves of teaching. My teacher said I was made for this.”

Through the time she spent with the music department, Jennifer became good friends with many of her peers and developed close friendships with her professors — something she doesn’t think she would have found at a larger school.

“This one night, a bunch of us in the music department were studying for this test in the music office. Dr. Killian came in the next day and could see how overwhelmed we were, so he took us out to breakfast. You could just tell he cared.”



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