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A Life Full of Thought and Reason

Alum pursues graduate study in philosophy
Nick Colgrove talks about the benefits of the philosophy program at Huntington University, a Christian college

“I think Huntington’s community is one of the best parts about it.”

Since graduation, Nick Colgrove has delivered meals, worked as a youth director for a church, and even packaged donuts. All of these jobs, however, were just stepping stones to a larger journey — one of thought, reason and more schooling.

Colgrove graduated from HU in 2011 with degrees in philosophy and Bible & religion-religious studies. In the year after graduation, Colgrove took some time to decide the right path for him: seminary or graduate school.

“In the end, after continued guidance from a number of HU’s professors, I settled on philosophy,” he said.

In the fall of 2012, he began work on his PhD in philosophy at Baylor University.

“Entering into a graduate program in philosophy means facing some of the most intense competition out there,” he said. “Huntington is a small liberal arts school, and its philosophy program is very small, but it prepared me to compete with some of the brightest students from all over the world.”

It was the writing techniques that he learned at Huntington that earned him a perfect score on the GRE’s writing section. And it was the many professional conferences and graduate-level papers that caught the attention of Baylor.

“HU professors do not evaluate a student’s work based on how it compares to the other students, but rather, base their evaluation on how the student’s work compares to the student’s potential,” he said. “You are never a mere number or statistic to HU’s professors, but you are an individual with your own special set of interests and abilities.”

Colgrove sought out a degree from Huntington because of the low student-to-faculty ratio and because it was a Christian school. At the time, he didn’t know what to think about Christianity. He decided to give God four years to figure it out for him. God only needed a few months. He was baptized, along with his roommate, during the second semester of his freshman year.

Colgrove continues to be best friends with his college roommate and has built lifelong friendships with the men who lived in his dorm.

“I think Huntington’s community is one of the best parts about it,” he said. “I can’t guarantee that others will be so blessed as I was, but I can say that Huntington is a place full of people who want to invest deeply in students’ lives so that these students might flourish.”

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