Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

choosing hu courses: a sample

Courses should be selected for their academic rigor, emphasis on reading and writing skills, and exposure to different aspects of the American economic, political and legal systems.

AC241: Principles of Accounting I (Fall)
AC242: Principles of Accounting II (Spring)
BA351: Business Law (Fall)
BA421: Financial Management (Spring)
EB211: Principles of Economics I (Fall)
EB212: Principles of Economics II (Spring)
EB321: Public Finance (Spring Odd)
EB376: Real Estate (Fall Even)
EB381: Money and Banking (Spring Even)
CO311: Advanced Public Speaking (Fall Odd)
CO370: Argumentation and Persuasion (Fall Even)
CO381: Media Law (Spring Even)
EN455: History and Structure of the English Language (Spring Odd)
EN385: Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century English Literature (Spring Odd)
EN411: Nineteenth Century British Literature (Fall Odd)
EN431: Shakespeare (Spring)
EN482: World Masterpieces II (Spring Odd)
HS211: History of the United States I: Colonial Era to 1865 (Fall)
HS212: History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present (Spring)
HS222: Historical Method (Spring)
HS261: The British Empire (Fall)
HS368: Making of Modern America, 1900-1945 (Spring Even)
HS377: The American Presidency (Fall Even)
HS466: American Constitutional History (Fall Odd)
HS487: Seminar in Early American History (Fall Even)
PS111: Public Policy (Fall, Spring)
PS495: Internship (Fall, Spring)
CS116: Computer Concepts and Programming I (Fall, Spring)
CS216: Programming II (Spring)
CS235: Management Information Systems (Spring Even)
CS245: System Analysis and Design (Spring)
MA151: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Fall, Spring)
MA161: Mathematics for Managerial and Social Sciences (Spring)
MA165: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (Fall)
PL240: Logic (Fall Odd)
PL260: Ethics (Spring Odd)
PL311: History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Fall Odd)
PL321: History of Modern Philosophy (Spring Even)
PL240: Twentieth Century Philosophy (Fall Even)
PY351: Social Psychology (Fall)
PY375: Brain and Behavior (Spring Even)
SO223: Social Problems (Fall Odd)
SO292: Marriage and the Family (Spring)
SO333: Social Welfare Institutions (Spring Odd)
SO444: Crime and Delinquency (Fall Even)