Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

cultural enrichment courses for broadened understanding

Designated cultural enrichment courses provide an option for students who choose not to complete two years of language study. These courses are intended to satisfy the broadened cultural understanding which underlies the foreign language requirement through study of a non-English speaking culture which reveals another people’s concepts of life and human relationships.

Students opting to complete the language requirement by taking cultural enrichment courses will complete twelve hours from any combination of language courses and those courses listed below, including at least six semester hours in a single language. Some January Term courses may also be approved as cultural enrichment courses, but no courses may be counted that otherwise are part of the student’s major or the Core Curriculum.

The following have been approved to be counted toward the cultural enrichment requirement.

AR 371 Art History I

AR 381 Art History II

BR 331 Religions of the World

BR 421 Contemporary Religious Thought

EN 381 Early English Literature

EN 481 World Masterpieces I

EN 482 World Masterpieces II

HS 322 Early Modern Europe

HS 355 Modern Russia

HS 411 Medieval Europe

HS 432 Modern Europe

MU 241 English/German Diction and Literature

MU 242 Latin/Italian/French Diction and Literature

MU 341 Music History and Literature I

MU 342 Music History and Literature II

PL 311 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

PL 321 History of Modern Philosophy

PL 420 Twentieth Century Philosophy

SO 141 Cultural Anthropology

SO 421 Population Studies

SO 485 Sociological Theory

TH 311 History and Literature of the Theatre I

TH 312 History and Literature of the Theatre II