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CLEP registration form

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Students with Documented Disabilities


Subject Examinations for which you are registering

(The equivalent HU Course number listed for each exam. Please note: Huntington University does not award credit for what CLEP classifies as “General Examinations” (College Composition, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and History.) Hold down the CTRL key for multiple selections.


 * Elective Credit. Does not fulfill the requirement for the major or minor.
** Either 6 or 12 credit hours will be awarded depending on the score received.
*** Elective Credit. Does not fulfill the requirement for CS 111. CS 117 should be taken to earn credit in a programming language and thereby complete the general education requirement.



Repeating Exams


Important Reminders

Fees (do not mail cash): Effective 7-1-12, the fee for all CLEP exams except College Composition Modular and Analyzing & Interpreting Literature is $95, which includes a $15 non-refundable service fee. Add $10 for an essay, for a total of $105 for Comp and A & I Lit. Make checks payable to HUNTINGTON UNIVERSITY.  

Be sure to bring with you on the test day: 1) this Admission Form, 2) a photo I.D., and 3) pen or pencil.

Cell phones, food, drink (except for bottled water), or study materials are not permitted in the testing room.

Confirmation will be returned to you for test date, time and location when time permits.

For questions, contact the Test Center at (260) 359-4290 or by e-mail at