Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

livingston hall

  Livingston Hall, Huntington University, a Christian college
 Livingston Hall floor plan

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The newest HU residence hall was completed in the fall of 2008 and boasts claim as the largest hall on campus. Livingston looks like its cousins Meadows & Miller; however, its floor plan defines community. Each floor has two large bathrooms with full kitchens, lounges, study rooms and laundry facilities. The first two floors of Livingston are for females and the third floor is comprised of males. The furniture in Livingston Hall can be placed in a number of different configurations: bunks, lofts and other creative options are available. Livingston Hall is also the home to the Fetters Prayer Chapel, Enterprise Resource Center, Campus Police and student publication offices. 


Hall details:

Gender: Female and Male (by floor)
Bathroom Style: Community
Floor Layout: Community
Residents/Hall: 150
Residents/Room: 2 or 3
Residents/Suite: N/A
Desk: 30” depth x 54 wide”
Under bed space: no room
Mattress: 8” thick extra long twin
Air conditioning: Yes
Carpet: Yes
Mirrors: Yes
Vacuum: Available on floor

Items to bring:
Wastebasket, linens, light, shelves for over desk, shower caddy, TV, DVD, hangers, towels, cleaning supplies, bulletin board, mini fridge, coffee pot and candle warmer.

Items not to bring:
Microwave and Toaster