Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

computer recommendations

With the availability of general computer labs, you are not required to own a computer. However, many students bring their own computers to campus. If you would like to bring your own computer, we've tried to provide helpful information below.

Should I buy a Desktop or Laptop?
Even though a laptop is a little bit more expensive, we believe your college experience would be much enhanced with a laptop due to added mobility and convenience. However, we still have many students who bring desktops to utilize more power so either is perfectly acceptable.

Internet Access
Access to the Internet is provided primarily for academic purposes and e-mail. Recreational use is limited with respect to bandwidth and downloading. Using wireless network connectivity, you can connect to the university network and the Internet from residence halls, Loew-Brenn, Science Hall, Library, Dining Commons, and HUB. Ethernet connections are available only in specific locations.

minimum computer recommendations  

  • CPU - Intel Core i3 or greater (or AMD equivalent). This recommendation is based on the reasoning that this will be a four year investment and that a student will use the computer for activities beyond basic word processing, spread sheets, and presentations.
  • Operating System - Windows 7 or newer. Mac OS 10.6 or newer.
  • Memory - 4GB or greater.
  • Hard Drive - 250GB or larger.
  • Video Adapter - Graphics card with 256 MB or greater.
  • Wireless Network Access - IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless card or integrated wireless adapter.
  • **Note to Digital Media Arts students: Computers recommendations are found here towards the bottom of the page. 

What software should I have on my computer?

  • Antivirus software - AV Software is required and should be updated on a regular basis. Huntington University recommends and provides free of charge, Sophos Anti Virus. This software is available on both Windows and Mac computers and can be found by clicking here.
  • Microsoft Office - We recommend purchasing the current version of Microsoft Office, which you can receive a discount on by navigating to the Huntington University E-Academy site.