Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

musical proficiency requirements

Musical proficiency requirements for worship leadership students.Minimum musical competency should be established prior to the PRIME assignment. The student should be able to lead a 3-5 song set of diverse selections with voice and either guitar or piano. The assessment can be done solo or with a praise team. The student should also be able to sight read treble and bass parts from a choral piece or hymnal while accompaniment is played.

Secondary Instrument: The Worship Leadership student should establish at least a minimum competency level in a secondary instrument: piano or guitar. Many contemporary worship leaders are able to lead with both. Our graduates are required to establish at least a minimal level of proficiency in their secondary instrument so that they can work with other praise team instrumentalists and pursue greater skill.

The standard that we want you to reach is as follows:

If your primary instrument is guitar...

On the guitar:

  • Strum in time
  • Pick 2-3 different patterns
  • Be fluent on all major and minor chords (including barring)
  • Be fluent on major, minor, and pentatonic scale patterns

On the piano:

  • Play and sing one contemporary worship song
  • All major and minor triads (root, 1st, 2nd inversions) in the right hand

If your primary instrument is piano:

On the piano:
  • All major and minor scales (harmonic and melodic – 2 octaves)
  • All major and minor arpeggios – 2, hands, 2 octaves
  • Be able to play and sing from lead sheets up to four sharps and flats
On the guitar:
  • Strum in time while playing and singing a contemporary worship song
  • Be able to play one form of major and one form of minor bar chords