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----------General George Armstrong Custer
Last Updated: 1 October 2002
NEW!!!! Now you can see Top Secret Artist's Renderings of the History Bunker!
Thrill of a Lifetime (additional words added for emphasis)!!!

The 2002 CONFERENCE ON FAITH AND HISTORY Biennial Fall Conference will be held in Scenic Huntington, Indiana, October 10-12, preceded by the first-ever CFH Student Research Conference, October 9-10.

Many CFH veterans---accustomed to CFH meetings in such posh sites at Honolulu, Las Vegas (remember that one, Dick Pierard?), Point Loma, Kyrgystan, and the Maldive Islands---have raised eyebrows and questions about the selection of Huntington for the 2002 meeting, right smack in the middle of "Flyover Country." The purpose of this web page is to allay these fears somewhat by presenting some of the lesser known features of the Huntington College campus and environs. Check back from time to time at this URL for additional glimpses of what one early explorer called "God's Country." (References available on request.)

Of course, these photographic glimpses cannot do justice to what local inhabitants refer to as "Nature's Little Wonders," so why not make plans now to fly, ride, walk, bike, or seguay your way to Huntington IN in October 2002? We won't regret it. And bring plenty of money. (P.S. Did we mention bringing money?) (Did we mention "scenic"?)

For additional information on the 2002 CFH conferences at Huntington College:
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One of the scenic wonders of the Midwest is Lake SnoTip Falls, seen here looking across the lake from the Huntington Union Building toward the President's Home. Fun-loving students often playfully send their favorite professors down the thunderous falls in barrels as a sign of their respect and appreciation for lessons well-taught and well-learned. Check out the boat rides at the foot of the falls in our very own "Floating Jack, Knave of the Mists." And every October, the lake is the site of the colorful annual "Administrator's Trial by Ordeal" Ceremonies. You won't want to miss this quaint folkloric pastime! (Photo by Kristi Cates)


The Huntington College Campus is teeming with friendly, furry creatures that delight students, faculty, and visitor alike. Here we see Huntington College students engaged in playful frolic with some of the campus denizens. These cute little guys are really tame and curious, so bring plenty of popcorn, peanuts, and 20 dollar gold pieces to keep them that way! (Photo by Brian Reynolds)


Thrill to the majestic leaping whales of Lake SnoTip as you eat breakfast in the Dining Commons Atrium! These magnificent creatures, left stranded here by the receding glaciers of the last ice age, are on the OSHA protected species list, which means they may not be around much longer. (Photo by Carmen McCune)


Another little known tourist attraction of the Huntington area is the so-called "Pyramids of Huntington," located 1.2 KM north of campus. Extensive excavations by HC professors Jacobus Webb and D. D. "Dutch" Brautigrump have uncovered the real location and habitat of Cardiff and Piltdown Man (or men or individuals as the case may be). Daily tours of the ruins, including photo opportunities too numerous to mention, are available to the unwary. (Photo by Clifford Irving)


For those of you more interested in the "athlete" side of "student-athlete," why not take in a real, live National Football league game at our very own Huntington Stadium. On the weekend of October 12, the docket shows a crucial matchup between the NFC Central Huntington Artichokes and their perennial rivals, the Green Bay Packers. Join in the fun and bring your own trash to rain down on the field to express your considered disagreement with officiating calls. (Photo by Augustine of Hippo)


(Artist's name withheld by request)

In response to many requests about the quasi-famous "History Bunker" Complex on the Huntington College Campus, we are pleased to be able to present some artist's renderings of same for your delectation. (Security concerns prohibit actual photographs, but, believe us, these drawings don't hold a candle to reality. Also, we cannot confirm that this has anything to do in the slightest with the "undisclosed" location where Dick Chaney allegedly hides out, but Huntington is the home of the Dan Quayle Center and Museum of the Vice Presidents, so you figure it out, heh, heh.) (P. S. Don't let us know if you do; we need to be able to maintain "plausible deniability".)

The Lobby of the History Bunker

The Grand Staircase

History Faculty Reading Room

History Bunker Dining Commons

History Bunker Chapel
(Artist's Rendering
of Artist's Sketch)

History Bunker Game Room

Presenting.............The HALL OF CFH PRESIDENTS

A new feature of the History Bunker is, according to partially-informed sources, the CFH HALL OF PRESIDENTS, which will open this fall. An elaborately done mural (shown below) depicts past, present, and future presidents of the Conference on Faith and History. Look up your favorite CFH president, draw a mustache on those you like less, maybe even pencil in yourself. (Compliments of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

How Then Does One Get to Huntington?

Good Question. According to noted historian F. Schaeffer, East and Left Coasters needing directions on how to get to Huntington should check it out with For the less adventurous, below is a map showing the approximate location of Huntington College in relationship to the rest of the Universe (that's us, there, just on the center). Bon Voyage! (P. S. Did we mention to bring money?)

By the way, for those travelling by car, it should be noted that there is abundant free parking on the Huntington College Campus. Just ask the security guards for directions to the History Bunker Car Park (pictured below. Or is that a picture of the Annual History Bunker Demolition Derby being held this year October 10-12?)

©2002 The Conference on Faith and History. Any similarities between persons living or dead and persons mentioned above should make those persons ashamed of themselves.

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