Christian Faith and the Historian’s Vocation

The 2004 Conference on Faith and History Biennial Meeting
Hope College, Holland, Mich.
October 14-16, 2004


THURSDAY, October 14, 2004

5:00 pm Registration (Haworth Conference Center Lobby)

Haworth Ballroom III

Welcome:  Fred Johnson, Hope College

Chair:  John Fea, Messiah College

Faith Seeking Historical Understanding

Mark Schwehn, Valparaiso University

8:30:  Reception
(Location TBA)


7:30 am Registration (Haworth Conference Center Lobby)

8:00 am CONCURRENT SESSIONS (Haworth Conference Center)

Session 1: On Prudence and Historical Inquiry

Chair:                             Paul Otto, George Fox University

                                      On Prudence and Historical Inquiry
                                      Thomas Albert Howard, Gordon College

Comments:                     Robert Sweetman, Institute for Christian Studies
                                      J. Gillis Harp, Grove City College

Session 2:  Panel Discussion: The Historian as the Guardian of Christian Orthodoxy

Chair:                          Samuel Smith, Liberty University

Panelists:                     Richard Englehardt, Kentucky Mountain Bible College
                                    Steven M. Studebaker, Emmanuel College
                                    E. Jerome Van Kuiken, Vennard College
                                    Jeffrey Barbeau, Oral Roberts University

Comment                     Richard Pierard, Gordon College

Session 3: Modernism, Truth, and the Moral Imagination

Chair:                     Sonja Wentling, Concordia College-Moorehead (MN)

                              Enlightenment History, Objectivity, and the Moral Imagination
                              Michael Kugler, Northwestern College (IA)

                              The Historian as vertitas defensor
                              Michael Hofstetter, Southwest State University (MN)

Comment:              William Katerberg, Calvin College


10:00: CONCURRENT SESSIONS (Haworth Conference Center)

Session 4: Rethinking Integration as a Model for the Task of the Christian Historian

Chair:                    Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Calvin College

                             The Historian as Priest
 Andrew S. Finstuen, Boston College

                             The Integration of Faith and Learning:
 The History and Usefulness of an Educational Ideal
                             Albert Beck, Baylor University

Comment:             Douglas Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Session 5: European History and the Post-Modern Turn: Two Christian Perspectives

Chair:                    Carol Woodfin, Palm Beach Atlantic University

                             Myths and Realities in 19th and 20th Century Historiography:
The Positivist Turn That Nerver Happened
                             Paul Michelson, Huntington College

                             The Historian as Interpreter of Culture:
Fin-de-siecle Vienna, Modernism, and the Eruption of the Sacred
                             Robert Whalen, Queens College of Charlotte (NC)

Comment               Norman J. Wilson, Messiah College

Session 6: Teaching History as Christian Vocation

Chair:                    Jacalyn Welling, Malone College

                              The Historian as Tutor to Lead us to Christ: Outrageous Idea or Modest Proposal?
                              John J. Fry, Trinity Christian College

                              A Catholic’s Contribution to United States History
                              Lawrence J. McAndrews, St. Norbert College

Comment:             Robert Tracy McKenzie, University of Washington

Session 7:  Panel: Christians as Historians at a Land-Grant University

Chair:                    Robert Swierenga, Hope College

Panelists:              Robert D. Linder, Kansas State University
                              Liam Atchison, Emmanuel House
                              Keith Bates, Union University
                              Alan Bearman, Washburn University

Comment:              The Audience

11:30 am LUNCH  (See registration packet for a list of local restaurants)


Chair: Jay Green, Covenant College

For Teachers to Live, Professors Must Die
Lendol Calder, Augustana College


3:00 pm CONCURRENT SESSIONS (Haworth Conference Center)

Session 8: The Search for a Christian Interpretation of History

Chair                        Donald Yerxa, Eastern Nazarene College/The Historical Society

                                Historical Method in the Christian Tradition
Martin Klauber, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

                                From "Religious History" to "Christian Historiography":
                                A Creational Approach to Christian Historical Interpretation
Hubert R. Krygsman, Dordt College

Comment:                 Jonathan Boyd, Inter Varsity Graduate Ministries

Session 9:
Biography and the Christian Historian

Chair:                    Bill Svelmoe, St. Mary’s College (IN)

                             Learning from Biography:
  What Even Marsden and Stout Can Learn from Edwards and Whitefield
                              Patricia Janzen Loewen, University of British Columbia

                             The Historian as Biographer
                             John G. Turner, University of Notre Dame

Comment:             Eric Miller, Geneva College

Session 10: Panel: The Christian Historian and Women’s History

Chair:                    Timothy Larsen, Wheaton College

Panelists:               Timothy Larsen, Wheaton College
                              Anita Specht, Kansas Wesleyan University
                              Sue Horner, North Park University
                              Melissa Franklin Harkrider, Wheaton College

Comment:             The Audience


Chair, William Vance Trollinger, University of Dayton and Past CFH President

Presidential Address:

"History--the 'True Friend of Virtue?':
Reflections on History, Vocation and the Conference on Faith and History."

Shirley Mullen, Westmont College and President of the Conference on Faith and History


7:30 am Registration (Haworth Conference Center Lobby)

8:00 am CONCURRENT SESSIONS (Haworth Conference Center)

Session 11: Theologians as Historians and Denominational Leaders

Chair:                     Russ Reeves, Trinity Christian College

The Christian Historian as Denominational Leader
                               Robert S. Wilson, Acadia Divinity School

                              John Henry Newman: Theologian as Historian
                              John Halsey Wood, Saint Louis University

Comment:              Kenneth Stewart, Covenant College

Session 12: The Soul of the Graduate University: The Importance of Community for Christian Graduate Students

Chair:                    John Wigger, University of Missouri

Presenters:           Christian Esh, University of Maryland, College Park
                             Trisha Posey, University of Maryland, College Park
                             Jonathan W. White, University of Maryland, College Park
                             Andrew J. Clark, University of Chicago

Comment:             Timothy Hall, Central Michigan University

Session 13: Christian Faith and the Culture of the Historical Profession

Chair:                     Craig Kaplowitz, Judson College

                              Multiculturalism: A Problem for Christian Historians
                              Paul Fessler, Dordt College

                              On Assimilating the Moral Agendas of the Secular Academy
                              Bradley J. Gundlach, Trinity College (IL)

Comment:              Gary Scott Smith, Grove City College


10:00 am CONCURRENT SESSIONS (Haworth Conference Center)

Session 14: Panel: Developing a Christian Perspective on International Affairs

Chair:                     Amy Patterson, Calvin College

Panelists:               Stephen Hoffman, Taylor University
                               Thomas Jones, Taylor University
                               Erik Benson, Ouachita Baptist University

Comment:              Amy Patterson

Session 15: 
Panel: The Historian as Social Activist: Habitat for Humanity in the Mississippi Delta

Chair:                        Perry Bush, Bluffton College

Panelists:                  William Sutton, University High School, Urbana, IL
                                 Carl Fuller, Mississippi Habitat for Humanity
                                 Former University High School students

Comment:                 The Audience

Session 16: Theology as Theory: Using Biblical Themes to Evaluate American History

Chair:                  Kathryn Long, Wheaton College

                            “The Third Book”: Interpreting Revelation and History in the American Context
                            Fred W. Beuttler, University of Illinois-Chicago

                            Historian as Prophet: Is “God’s Judgment” a Valid Historical Concept?
                            Steven J. Keillor, Independent Scholar

Comment:           George Marsden, University of Notre Dame

11:30 am LUNCH
(See registration packet for a list of local restaurants)


An Open Forum on the State of the Conference on Faith and History

Chair and Moderator: Shirley Mullen, CFH President


William Katerberg, Calvin College and Future Editor, Fides et Historia
Douglas Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
William V. Trollinger, University of Dayton and Past President of CFH
Ronald Wells, Calvin College and Editor, Fides et Historia
Carol Woodfin, Palm Beach Atlantic College and CFH Board Member

3:00 pm  CONCURRENT SESSIONS (Haworth Conference Center)

Session 17:  Christian Historians as Custodians of Memory

Chair:                Jeffrey Cole, Geneva College

                          People of Hope, People of Memory: Theologies of Memory and the Christian Historian
                          William Van Arragon, Indiana University

                          Myth, History, and Humility: The Christian Historian and Mythmaking
                          Aron Reppmann, Trinity Christian College

                          Abuse of History in the “Restoration” of the Catholic Liturgy:
What’s a Catholic Historian to Do?
                          Daniel Van Slyke, University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary

Comment:          Eugene McCarraher, Villanova University

Session 18: The Christian Historian as Servant

Chair:                 William Vance Trollinger Jr., University of Dayton

                           For it is in Giving that We Receive
                           Mark Norris, Grace College (IN)

                           “And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche”: Serving Undergraduate Students
                            David Ringer, Southwest Missouri State University

Comment:           A. Paul Kubricht, LeTourneau University

Session 19: The Role of Historians in Christian Communities

Chair:                James Patterson, Union University

                          Historian as Missionary, Novelist, and Theological Perspective Teacher
                          Gary Pranger, Oral Roberts University

                          The Historian as Community Member:
                           Some Uses and Abuses of History

                          Glenn E. Sanders, Oklahoma Baptist University
Comment:          Jay Green, Covenant College