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CFH Membership

There are four categories of membership in the Conference on Faith and History:

  • Voting Members 
  • Retired/Emeriti Members
  • Graduate Student Members
  • Undergraduate Student Members

    Voting Memberships are $45 a year while Retired/Emeriti and Undergraduate Student Memberships are $30 annually. Full time Graduate Student Membership in the CFH is $20. For Library and Institutional subscriptions, see below.

    To be eligible for membership in the CFH, you need to be in accord with the purposes of the CFH. For more information on same, check here.

    All categories of membership will receive the calendar year issues of our journal, Fides et Historia, electronic copies of our newsletter, Faith and History, and membership in the CFH e-mail list. Only the voting membership category will be allowed to vote; individuals in the emeriti or either student membership category who wish to be voting members may do so by paying the $45 membership.

    Dues are payable on a calendar year basis. Memberships not renewed by February 15 of each year will be removed from the mailing lists (no kidding!). Because of escalating postal costs, memberships received or renewed after February 15 will get whatever issues of the journal and newsletter are published subsequently. (Back issues are available at $25 per number.)

    Library, institutional, and non-member subscriptions are available for $50 a year. We no longer offer multi-year subscriptions. Sorry.

    Persons interested in joining the CFH should provide the following information: complete current mailing address, email address, and membership category. Checks should be made out to "The Conference on Faith and History."

    Send this information to:

    Dwight D. Brautigam
    Department of History
    Huntington University
    2303 College Avenue
    Huntington IN 46750
    (260) 359-4223

    You have an online payment option using PayPal, which should be especially helpful to international members. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this service. Click the appropriate link below to get started. (If you change categories when filling out the form, please remember to clear or update the quantity section of your cart.)

    CFH Voting Membership:

    Retired/Emeritus/Undergraduate Membership:

    Graduate Student Membership:

    Library/Institutional Subscriptions:


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