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CFH Session at the AHA 1999

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Our ever-industrious Secretary-Treasurer, DickPierard, announces

the following:

As we have done for three decades, we will meet together atthe

American Historical Association annual meeting, this time in

Washington, D.C. Our session will be on Friday, January 8, 1999, in the

Cabinet Room of the Shoreham Hotel. Please notice that weare meeting

on the first full day of the convention instead of the second day.

We beginwith our customary coffee hour and then have a short

business meeting. Thiswill be followed by our academic session, a

consideration of the new book,History and the Christian Historianedited

by Ron Wells.

Here is the line-up for the panel:


William Vance Trollinger, Jr., University of Dayton


Caroline T. Marshall, James Madison University

John Burton Roney, Sacred Heart University


Ronald A. Wells, Calvin College

Questions from the audience and discussion will follow.

This should be a stimulating session and we hope to get lotsof good

ideas out on the table. If you are in Washington that day, you shouldby all

means come by. It is a "y'all come"gathering, and non-members are

welcome to join in with us for a great time of fellowship and interaction.

We will alsobe continuing our conversations on the direction and

future of the organization that began two years ago.We intend to have an

informal gathering sometime later during the AHA convention, andthe

time and place will be announced at our Friday morning session.