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From the Secretary-Treasurer

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We had a marvelous time at the fall meeting at David Lipscomb

University in Nashville, Tennessee lastSeptember. Somewhere between

80 and 90 people were registered.We had 4 plenary sessions, a dinner

address by the eminent Southern historian WayneFlynt of Auburn

University, and 22 papers presented in parallelsessions. David Lawrence

and hiscolleagues at DLU did a bang-up job with the local arrangements,

while Chuck Weber of Wheaton College putlong hours into organizing a

program that was breath-taking in its sweep and diversity.

You will be pleased to hear that all the1997 issues of Fides et

(nrs. 1, 2, and 3) have now been mailed, and you should have

yours bynow. If you did not receive them, check to make sure that we

have your correct mailing addressand that your dues have been paid.

Since we are currently a year behind ingetting the journal out, I have not

been dunning people for the next year's dues. However, Iam now ready

and waiting anxiously foryour check for 1998. Before you jump on me to

say you have already paid, pleaselook at your last cancelled check. I make

it a practice of writing on the check the year for which you are paying.That

makes your record keeping simpler.

Dick Pierard, Indiana State University

CFH Secretary-Treasurer

IMAGE Imgs/cfh-newsletter-vol3nr203.gif

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