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full time staffing, but the CFHcould foster a climate in which members

could accept a responsibility for mentoring individuals in conjunction

with a network thatwould be formal enough to have credibility at hiring

institutions and receiveregular notices of vacancies, etc. Those network

members could also push membership intheir areas--while mentoring

and doing initial screening for candidates. This proposal in effect combines

the informal systems that exist among traditional old boys clubs but

expands it tothose outside a particular school. For example, I have never

produced a graduate student but knowmany, including some who I am

mentoring and at least one of whom is a strong Christian.He would be an

asset to anyprogram, a potential player wherever but would be most at

home at a Christian institution. He may turn up such and I mightstumble

across one, but my present network and his graduateschool do not link to

that market. On the other hand,I could bridge between the two at least in

theory. Irealize that this is relatively vague but hope that the gist is clear

enough for people to think about.

  1. From:David Ringer, University of Dayton


    In over 30+ years in highereducation I've belonged to a number of

    organizations in various disciplines. The CFHis my favorite. Not only do

    I need the intellectual companionship of others whoare concerned with

    historical issues, I need the fellowship of a community of men and

    women with whom I can worship Christ.

    One possibility for expanding the conference isthe use of regional

    meetings onthe off years. Maybe the accessibility of smaller, closer-to-

    home gatherings would attract to membershipsome who feel they can't

    make the biennial meetings so why join. I know I donot fully grasp the

    enormous undertaking settingup regional conferences would be, but it is

    a suggestion.

    Finally, on the notion that CFH hasoutlived its usefulness now

    that some evangelicals have gained front-rank status in theworld of the

    academy: is this all we are about asChristian scholars--winning laurels

    from the world? Godhave mercy on us. Agreed, we serve our fellow