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humans via scholarship, but we must continue tohelp each other serve

"Christ and His Church" foremost. And that means CFH has a vital role in

providing Christian teacher/scholars withintellectual stimulation and

spiritual encouragement.

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A majorevent is the publication of History and the Christian

by Eerdmans, which was presented for thefirst time at the

Nashville meeting of the CFH. The majority of the chapters in thebook

were presented at the 1996 CFH meeting in Grand Rapids. Ronald Wells

(Calvin College) is the editor of the volume. This book will be featured at

the 1999 AHA/CFH breakfast meeting.

Charter member RobertV. Schnucker has retired after 35 years of

service at Truman State University and is now livingin retirement in

Iowa. He has been recognized with afestschrift entitled Books Have

Their Own Destiny
, edited by Robin Barnes, Robert Kolb,and Paula

Presley, and published by Thomas Jefferson UniversityPress, Kirksville

MO. Various well-known scholars in sixteenth-century studies

contributed essays to the volume.

Another CFH member honored with a festschrift is DonaldF.

Durnbaugh, emeritusof Bethany Theological Seminary. David B. Eller,

Director of the YoungCenter for the Study of Anabaptist and Pietist

Groups at Elizabethtown College, is the editor of From Ageto Age:

Historians and the Modern Church
,published by Brethren Life and

Thought, Richmond IN. CFH members who contributed essays tothe

work include Franklin H. Littell (Temple University), RobertG. Clouse

(Indiana State University), andWilliam Kostlevy (Asbury Theological