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Barry Hankins (Baylor University)is the author of "Principle,

Perception, and Position: Why Southern BaptistConservatives Differ

from Moderates onChurch-State Issues," Journal of Church and State,

Vol. 40 (1998): 343-370, and "The Evangelical Accommodationismof SBC

Conservatives," Baptist History and Heritage, Vol. 33 (Winter 1998): 54-65.

Timothy E. Fulophas been appointed vice president for academic

affairs at King College in Tennessee.

Lisa Joy Pruitt has completed her Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University this

summer and was appointed assistant professor ofhistory at Campbell

University, North Carolina.

Edwin Yamauchi(Ohio University) continues his lucid

investigations of the classicalera with "The Issue of Pre-Christian

Gnosticism Reviewedin the Light of the Nag Hammadi Texts," in:John

Turner and Anne McGuire, eds., The NagHammadi Library after Fifty

[Leiden: Brill,1997], pp. 72-88, "Greece and Babylon Revisited," in:

David Merling, ed., To Understand the Scriptures: Essays in Honorof

William H. Shea
[BerrienSprings, MI: Institute of Archaeology/Horn

Archaeological Museum, 1997], pp. 127-135,and "Herodotus---Historian or

Liar?" in: Gordon D. Young, Mark W.Chavalas, and Richard E. Averbeck,

eds., Crossing Boundaries andLinking Horizons:Studies in Honor of

Michael C. Astour [Bethesda, MD: CDL Press, 1997], pp. 599-614.

Imagining Peace: A Historyof Early English Pacifist Ideas, 1340-1560

[State College:Penn State University Press, 1997]is the title of a new book

by Ben Lowe (Florida Atlantic University).

Everett Ferguson (Abilene Christian University) has beenhonored

with a festschrift: The EarlyChurch in Its Context: Essays in Honor of

Everett Ferguson
, edited by Abraham J. Malherbe,Frederick W. Norris,

and James W. Thompson [Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1998].