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Douglas Jacobsen(Messiah College) and William Vance Trollinger,

Jr. (University of Dayton)are co-editors of Re-forming the Center:

American Protestantism, 1900 to the Present
. These are papersprepared

for a three-yearLilly-funded project that reassesses the "two-party" model

of American Protestantism in the twentieth century and shows it seriously

distorts our historicalunderstanding of the era. CFH contributors to the

volume include D. G. Hart, Richard V. Pierard, James C.Juhnke, Nancy G.

Garner, and Michael S. Hamilton.

Robert G.Clouse, Richard V. Pierard, and Robert N. Hosack are co-

authors of The New Millennium Manual: A Once and Future Guide,

published by Baker Books (Grand Rapids). It endeavors to explain what the

eschatological prophets on the eve of thenew millennium are really


Paul R. Waibel(Belhaven College) is co-author of Twentieth-

Century Europe: A Brief
History, published by Harlan-Davidson

(Wheeling, IL). The book isdesigned to be used in European history


William R. Sutton (University of Illinois Laboratory School) isthe

author Journeymen for Jesus; Evangelical ArtisansConfront Capitalism

in Jacksonian Baltimore
[University of Illinois Press]. Thisbook was the

recipient of the CFH Latourette Prize. It discusses the roleof trade

unionism in Baltimore and details the relationship of Methodist lay

leaders in disputes between workers and shop owners.

Curriculum, Religion, and Public Education:Conversations for an

Enlarging Public Square
[Columbia University Teachers College Press,

1997], 320 pp., is the title of a work edited by James T. Searsand James C.

Carper. Among the contributors are the editors,Richard J. Neuhaus,

Martin Marty, Maxine Greene,George Marsden, Michael McConnell,

Kenneth Strike, Gilbert Sewall, J.Dan Marshall, Hoe Kincheloe, Richard

Baer, Jr., Nel Noddings, George Rekers, Richard Hohn, DennisCarlson,