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Charles Glenn, Nancy Brickhouse, William Letts, IV,Phillip Johnson,

Paul Brantley, Peter McLaren, Alan Peshkin, EugeneProvenzo, and Paul


Harry S. Stout and D. G. Hart are the editorsof New Directions in

American Religious
History[New York:Oxford University Press, 1997], a

collection of 17 essays on recent trends.For a comprehensive review by

Paul Boyer, see the Evangelical Studies Bulletin, Vol. 15 (1998), Nr. 3,pp.


The winner of the 1998 Hendricks Manuscript award of theNew

Netherland Project is Paul Otto (Dordt College) forhis work New

Netherland Frontier:
Europeans andNative Americans Along the Lower

Hudson River, 1524-1664

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Faculty Dialogue(see http://www.iclnet.org/pub/facdialogue/

FacDialogue.html) is The Institute forChristian Leadership's tri-yearly

academic journalfeatures issues relating to Christian higher education. It

draws contributions from international leaders inthe education and

Christian communities, as well asfrom college, university, seminary, and

Bible college professors. Past issues are now available online.

CONVERSATIONSis anInternet resource pages published by the

Pew Scholars Program at URL=http://www.nd.edu/~pesp/Pew.html.The

goal of the Pew Scholars Program is to strengthen intellectual activity

among Christian academics in North Americaby supporting specific

research and writing projects as well as faculty andstudent development

programs designed to bring Christian voicesto important scholarly