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problems in the humanities, social sciences, and theological disciplines.

The Institute for the Studyof American Evangelicalshas a Web

Page located at http://www.wheaton.edu/bgc/isae/.It includes up-to-date

information about the ISAE's grants and projects, as well asgeneral

information about the ISAE. Other items ofinterest at the site are an

index of past Evangelical StudiesBulletin, a document entitled, "Defining

Evangelicalism" and an ISAE Resource Order Form. The Institute was

established toencourage and support research on evangelical Christianity

in the United States and Canada. Located at Wheaton College inWheaton,

IL, the ISAE seeks to help evangelicals develop amature understanding of

their own heritage and to inform others about evangelicals'historical

significance and contemporary role.

Other programs of the ISAE include:The Billy Graham Center

Research TravelGrant Program (which awards grants of up to $1,000 to

researchers in anyacademic discipline who are engaged in projects which

would be enriched byaccess to the resource collections of the Graham

Center) and a major three-year program to study the historicaldimensions

of the rolethat money and finance have played in American


The Institute also publishes the Evangelical Studies Bulletin, a

quarterly look atcontemporary scholarship dealing with evangelicalism.

Past issuesof the ESB have included bibliographical essays on such topics

as African-AmericanChristianity, book reviews of important new titles,

and reviews of other media includingtelevision documentaries and

surveys. The ESB also publishes the most comprehensive bibliography of

recent publications on American Evangelicalism, carries notices on

upcoming conferences, and provides informationon grants and

fellowships of interest to those studying American religious history.

For further information on the ISAE or any of its programs, writeto

the ISAE,Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL 60187; phone: (630)752-5437; fax:

(630)752-5916; e-mail: isae@wheaton.edu.

The Historical Society(http://home.nycap.rr.com/history)

announces that its first national meeting will be May 27-29, 1998,at Boston