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University. The Society also announces that it will publish a general

historical quarterly and an on-line journal of extensive book reviews. The

Society nowhas four regional organizations, which will be organizing

regional meetings and activities. For more information,contact the

national office at 656 Beacon Street, Mezzanine, BostonMA 02215-2010,


The Christian History Institute, PO Box 540,Worcester PA 19490,

has produced a new video series on the life of Jesus entitledJESUS, THE

NEW WAY, featuring N. T.Wright. For more information check their

web site (www.chinstitute.org), write, or eMail (chglimpses@aol.com).

The North Atlantic Missiology Projecthasconsiderably expanded

the range ofmaterials it now has available to scholars. Its collection of

position papers number more than 85 and theyhave a comprehensive

web site on the Internetat www.divinity.cam.ac.uk/carts/namp. The web

site surveys available resources,photographs, links to other mission sites,

and information about their Internet discussion list. Theproject has a

new on-linemissions Periodicals Database coming in 1999 at

http://namp.divinity.yale.edu. NAMP hasalso announced the first five

volumes in their Studiesin the History of Christian Missions, to be

published jointly by Curzon and Eerdmans. Brian Stanley isthe director

of the project, which also issues a newsletter that can be requested by

sending him an eMail at Bs217@cam.ac.uk.

Jay D.Green (Covenant College) is a founding member of the

editorial board of ChristianReviews in History:A Journal of Historical

Understanding which will begin publication in 1999. The purpose ofthe

new journal will be to promote critical reviewing of historicalworks,

reviews which "reflectintentionally, creatively, and deeply about our

discipline and its object."CRH is tobe "a forum for conversation about

the nature of historiography,of history, and of historical pedagogy from

Christian viewpoints, viathe genre of essay-length book reviews."The

task is to respond to the question:"How can we speakand write as