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related to millennial andapocalyptic thought and biblical interpretation.

For this conference,we solicit proposals for papers from across the

believers church spectrumof traditions. Keynote speakers for the

conference are Dr. Paul Boyer (University ofWisconsin, Madison) and Dr.

James VanderKam (Notre Dame University). We invite papers that deal

with biblical issues; Jewish and Jewish-Christianapocalyptic issues;

historical perspectives from early, medieval, reformation, and north

American church history; cultural studiesperspectives; and theological,

ethical and missiological perspectives.

Deadline: December 31, 1998.Send proposals to: Dr. Loren L. Johns

Bluffton College 280W College Ave Bluffton OH 45817-1196;

eMail=johnsl@bluffton.edu; phone=419/358-3280.

The Institute for East-West Church Studiespublishes anEast-West

Church and Ministry Report
that deals principally with religionin

Eastern Europe. The Institutealso welcomes inquiries concerning its

program investigatingwomen's issues in the former Soviet Union.

Contact themat IEWCS, Billy Graham, Wheaton College, Wheaton IL

60187; Phone=708/ 752-5917; fax= 708/752-5555; eMail=


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CFH Web Ideas

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A number ofmembers have raised suggestions concerning our use

of the Internet and the CFHweb site. Alvin Turner (East Central

University) suggests that weask CFH members to add a CFH link to their

personal and departmental web pages. Itmight also be useful to have a

page on the CFH web site listinghome pages of members who want them


Jay Green (Covenant College) asksif we might use the CFH website

to do some syllabus sharing. "I'm thinking like the syllabi one sometimes

sees on H-net, where individuals send in their syllabi andthey're posted