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by subject. I am always in need of fresh ideas for syllabi, course texts,and

assignments. I think the CFH seems anideal group to participate in this

kind of thing--especially in light of the theme of our recent meeting,it

would be great to seehow others put together non-western history

courses. What do you think?" This certainly seems worth pursuing,

possibly to create a page of links to thesyllabi at their home locations,

which would simplify management of the page in question.Any

responses to this out there?

John Roney (Sacred Heart University) has agreedto work with Paul

Michelson in considering this and other spiffy ideas for the CFHhome

page. We willprobably be posting sometime next year a book review

archive from FIDES so that these reviews canbe made more conveniently

available and handy. Other ideas are welcomed.

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The Conference on Faith and History is an organizationof

Christians who are interested in the study ofhistory. Members include

both professional historians and thosein other walks of life who have an

orientation toward historical concerns. Although membership isopen to

all interested persons, it isassumed that they will be in agreement with

the theologicalposition expressed in the constitution. The Conference on

Faith and History is an Indiana Not for Profit Corporation and is registered

as a tax-exempt organization. All membership duesand gifts to the CFH

are tax deductible. For further information, see ourwebsite at



Annual dues inthe CFH are $20.00, payable at the beginning of the

calendar year. Full-time students andretired persons may elect to pay

$15.00. Contact: Richard V. Pierard, CFH Secretary-Treasurer, Department

of History, Indiana State University,Terre HauteIN 47809. For more

information, call 812/237-2707or FAX 812/877-3426, or eMail: