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Vol. 3, Nr 1Summer, 1998

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From the Editors

Our appreciation to all of those who have submittedmaterial "fit to

print" for this issue of the NEWSLETTER. Thanks, and keep those cards

and eMail coming. We especially want to underlinethe stellar but mostly

unsung work of Dick Pierard, who makes our task much easier not only by

generating thebulk of the information about CFH's activities contained

herein (which we would expect), butalso by sending in book notes and by

being constantly on the alert for many other bits and pieces of useful

information of the sortthat this kind of publication is meant to cover.

Because of the gap between appearances of the NEWSLETTER,

some of the itemssent by way of announcement have in the interim

become historical in nature. Since CFH is, after all,an organization of

historians, this is less of a problem than itwould be for, say, futurists,

whose materials are obsoleteeven before they happen. However, to

alleviate some of the time pressure for announcements and such, we are

slowly but surely getting a CFH eMail list into functioning order.

The CFHlist will go on-line withthe beginning of the fall semester,

so if youwould like to get on it, please send us your eMail address if you

haven't done so already. Membership in the list fornow will only be

open to bona fide CFH members as certified by Dick Pierard.For further

details, check the announcement about the CFHlist on theCFH Website at