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http://www.huntington.edu/cfh/cfh_emaillist.htm. (Ifyou don't hear

from us by early September, send another eMail so we can verify our list.)

You will have noticed the subtle mention here of the Website. This

has beencompletely redesigned and the announcements section already

has carried items of the type that willbe circulated to the CFHlist in the

future. Take a look and let us know if you have suggestions for thesite.

John Roney (Sacred Heart) andJay Green (Kent State) have volunteered a

number of suggestions and proposals for the CFHHome Page that we will

be working on in the near future (in all of those idle moments thatnow

plague us). Others are welcomed to help usdecide what kinds of things

we can include as well asto determine what would be helpful to the CFH

and in making the work of the CFH more widely known.

FALL CONFERENCE:A major item for your attention relates to

the 21th Anniversary Meetingof the Conference on Faith and History

which will be held this fall at David Lipscomb University inNashville

TN, September 24-26, 1998. Preliminary information about this meeting

has beencirculated by Dick Pierard and posted on our web site at

http://www.huntington.edu/cfh/cfh_ conference.htm. Takea look and

plan now to attend. For more information, check with the ProgramChair,

Chuck Weber, Department of History,Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

60187; phone=630/752-5863; Fax: 630/752-5294; eMail=Charles.W.Weber@

wheaton.edu. The next issue of the Newsletterin early fall will contain

the proposed program and other relevantinformation. (Also some

irrelevant information, but that's another story.)

FUTURE of the CFH:we invite you to submit brief responsesto the

comments below (pp. 4 ff.)in Dick Pierard's report dealing with thefuture

of the CFH.Agree? Disagree? Whatever? Let us know. We also solicit

your comments on and reactionsto the new Historical Society described

elsewhere in this issue (p. 8). We would like to publish such commentsin


Got news? Suggestions (polite orotherwise)? Contact us via eMail

at <pmichelson@huntington.edu> or snail mail at Departmentof History,

Huntington College, Huntington IN 46750. Thanks.

The Editors