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Greetings. I am now endeavoring to bring everyone up to date on

their dues. Because we had fallen so far behind on delivery ofthe journal,

I did not feel I could in clear conscience pesterpeople for dues when we

were notdelivering on this end. However, Paul Gritz and his colleagues

moved heaven and earth to get all the 1996 issues outthis year, and Frank

Roberts and Ron Wells are working at catching up with great gusto.

In my regular mailing to you, I enclosed bills for1995 and 1996 dues

for those who according to my records have not paid these yet.Before you

jump on me for trying to collect twice, please look at yourlast check to the

organization. I make it a practice to enter on the lower lefthand cornerthe

year for which you arepaying. I do this because I recognize our members

are extremely busy people and they arenot likely to remember such small

matters like this. For our newer members, count the number of journals

you have received inthe last two or three years and compare that with

your dues check. That is agood indicator of what your obligation to the

CFH may or may not be.

It is vitally important that you check the addresslabel to insure that

I am mailing to your correct address. Thepost office will not forward

mailings of thejournal. I try as hard as I can, within reason of course, to

keep up with our wandering membership, but still in everymailing many

items are returned to us.

I wish to thank everyone for their continuing supportand

involvement in our group. You are the ones who have made the CFH the

success that it is today.

During the past summer, my wife and I were inAustralia and I was

able to take part in the biennial gathering of our brethren andsistern there

entitled "Studying Australian Christianity."It was held atRobert Menzies

College and was organized by Mark Hutchinson and his colleagues at the

Centre for the Study of Australian Christianity. We enjoyed the hospitality

of such wonderful Australian scholars as Stuart Piggin and BrianDickey,

and got around that vast country a little bit.