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student of archeology and ancient history whotaught at Biblical Seminary

in New York City, died at his retirement home near Philadelphia.Finally,

Ethel Rankin, emeritus of Biola University and an American historian,

who joined the CFH in 1975 and had lived in Santa Ana CA, alsopassed

away. We are grateful for the contributions they made to ourorganization

and convey our deepest sympathies to their families.

Dick Pierard (Indiana State University)

CFH Secretary-Treasurer

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Southern California CFH Chapter News

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George Giacumakis (California StateUniversity, Fullerton) and

Shirley Mullen (Westmont College) put together an excellentregional

meeting at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, on April 17,1998. Student

papers were presentedon "Imperialism and Orientalism: A Case Study of

Lord Cromer," by ShadyHakim (Westmont College); "The Eisenhower

Presidency and Civil Religion," byEdie N. Finnell (Hope International

University); and "Orthodox Atheism: The Truth Accordingto Charles

Southwell," by Matthew Petkun (Westmont College).

Faculty papers were presented on "Darwinism,Ethics, and the

Devaluation of Human Life in Germany, 1860-1914," byRichard Weikert

(California State University, Stanislaus);"A Stronger HoldOver the Boys:

Missions in Colonial Zimbabwe,"by Steve Edgington (Hope International

University); and"Minimalists, Maximalists,and the History of Israel," by

George Giacumakis(Mission Viejo Campus, California State University,


Following a dinner and business sessionof the Southern California

CFH, Robert Wennberg (Westmont College) gavea keynote address on

"Obligations to the Dead and the Writing of History."

Well done. Is this a possible model for other regional CFH

gatherings? Let the secretary-treasurer know your thoughts.