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attractive and hospitable to the graduate studentsand young professors

who carry our hopes for the future. Andwe intend to reintegrate the

profession--to provide economic, political, intellectual, social,and other

historians, and historically-minded scholars from otherdisciplines, with a

place to exchange ideas, contributeto each other's work, and learn from

each other.

To facilitatemaximum participation, we plan to alternate biannual

national meetings with regional meetings that people can more readilyget

to and shape according to their own tastes and problems.We shall thus

make a special effort to include long-slighted historiansat smaller colleges

and university branches.

We want to leave adecent legacy for the coming generations to

build on. Please join us in this effort."

Leaders of the organization, which is nowsoliciting charter

members, include Eugene D. Genovese, Atlanta UniversityCenter,

President, and Marc Trachtenberg, University ofPennsylvania, Executive


For further information,contact Trachtenberg via eMail at

cram@sas.upenn.edu or by mail at:The Historical Society, P.O.Box

382602, Cambridge MA 02238-2602.Membership information and a list of

the board members are available on the Internet athttp://


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Ed. Note:In this space weusually run Prof. Pierard's pointless plea

for people who have moved and left no forwarding address tolet him

know their new addresses. Duh. (But, wait, could this be a not-so-

disingenuous ploy by Prof. P to get you non-dues paying idlersto pay up

before you're consigned to the mailing label dustbinof history? Pretty

sneaky. OK, here goes.)

If you have moved recently or ifyour address label is incorrect in

any way, please let Dick Pierard know,either by eMail or by postcard or by

letter (if you just wanna get those dues up to date). Thanks. Heh, heh.