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July 21-25, 1998:Conference on "Science in Theistic Contexts: Cognitive

Dimensions," at Redeemer College, Ancaster, Ontario,Canada, presented

by The PascalCentre and Redeemer College. For details send eMail to

pascalcentre@redeemer.on.ca, visit the Web site athttp://www.

redeemer.on.ca/pascal/, or call (905) 648-2139.

September 24-26,1998:Conference on Faith and History Biennial Fall

Meeting, David Lipscomb University,Nashville, Tennessee on the theme

"Globalization and the Historian's Craft."Globalization, a muchdebated

and controversial concept ofthe 1990s, has innovated analysis in such

disciplines aspolitics, economics, religion, and historical studies. The

plenary speakers and panels will look beyond local and nationalfactors

and emphasize theirrelevance in a larger global and comparative context

which bridges chronological, geographical, or disciplinaryboundaries. For

further information, contact theProgram Chair, Professor Charles W.

Weber, Departmentof History, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL 60187;

Phone=630-752-5863; FAX=630-752-5294; eMail=Charles.W.Weber@


October 9-10, 1998:Conference on "The Pentecostal andCharismatic

Movements in California: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives,"

Southern California College, Costa Mesa, California, co-sponsored byThe

Lewis WilsonInstitute for Pentecostal Studies, Southern California

College, and The David J. du PlessisCenter for Christian Spirituality,

Fuller Theological Seminary. Foradditional details contact Augustus

Cerillo, Jr., Director,Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies, Southern

California College, 55 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92626;Phone=714/556-

3610, x211; eMail=acerillo@sccu.edu.

October 16-17, 1998:"Religion, Social Capital, and Democratic Life." A

conference to be held at Calvin College and sponsored by the PaulHenry